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Welcome to my serial novel! (ie - I'm making this up as I go...)

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Mind of the Writer

Let's call this the journal of writing the novel - a sort of "ramblings of the wanna-be-writer's mind" during the process of creating this novel.  Maybe this will help someone else?  Maybe I'll find the secret to unlocking my imagination?

11/4/14 - So after writing a couple chapters, the book got put on the back burner. Way on the back burner. I didn't quit writing....but I just wasn't motivated to work through the mechanics of the novel. In fact, I sorta forgot about it.

Last week while updating my other websites and toying with doing a NaBloPoMo challenge, I decided to revisit this site. To my surprise my first couple chapters weren't that bad. Surely I could find a way to keep going and take the story somewhere. November was the perfect month to restart the novel.

It's with a hint of sadness that I'm starting this back up. The sister mentioned below - the one my mother and I were in cohoots with in this crazy idea of writing serial novels - passed away a couple months ago.  I can't think of publishing a novel without thinking of her. If I do ever finish this thing and by some whim it ends up self published as an ebook, it will be dedicated to her of course. "Redgirl, who would have published her own if she had lived long enough." :).

And no, I still don't know why Molly fell off the cliff.

4/21/12 - A few months ago my mom, sister, and I had a GREAT idea that would help us finally write our novels - create blogs and post as a serial novel.  The pressure of "publishing" something would dissuade us from discarding perfectly good ideas once the going got tough, and all of us felt that if we could just get through the mechanics of that first novel, we would be successful at popping out real quality the next time.

I had been advised by several sources to "write what I knew", so I decided my character would be student, and the novel would involve endurance riding.  

So, I sat down and wrote the "Prologue". 

And then....it sat for a couple of months.  Because even though I had a great scene, I had no idea how Molly ended up there.

I read "Patricia the Great" on a kindle and realized that I needed to tell the story in a YA whimsical fashion from Estella's mouth.  I wrote half a chapter and then gave up - too much energy required.

Today I picked up Laura Crum's newest novel and read the introduction.  She too "wrote what she knew" and based her mystery ideas loosely on real crimes.  And something clicked.  I didn't have to try and think of something wonderfully creative - I could adapt stuff that happened in real life and then let that be a launching pad for my imagination!  And let's face it - all sorts of weird crap happens in real life.  And Mollie is me and isn't me.  Yes, we have some stuff in common, but she isn't me and I shouldn't worry so much about trying to keep it from being autobiographical.  Mollie's going to make her own decisions, and has her own goals and ambitions that differ from mine.  And suddenly the next 2 chapters were easy.  Estella's chapter went into the trash and Molly returned as the spokesperson.  Dialogue - the bane of my existence actually became doable - I think this was the biggest sign to me that I was going in the right direction.  I no longer worried about the mechanics as much (POV) and was actually able to work on STORY.  WHOO HOO!!!!!  And I became confident enough to link my serial to my other blog.  The important thing is that I'm doing it - I'm writing a novel.  Whether it is good or not is irrelevant at this point.  It can always be edited and revised!!!!

I still don't know exactly how Mollie fell off the cliff, and I'm not sure why the horses are diving off the trail either - we'll find out together.

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